Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  

Things have been a bit manic over the holidays.  A lot of sewing being done, but mainly as gifts.  Between Helen and I, we had three birthdays in our families over the holiday period in addition to Christmas.  Only one week left and then my boy goes back to school.  Hopefully that will mean a bit more free time to do some dyeing, printing and sewing so that I can update the shop with some new digs!

Here are a few photos of some of the highlights over the break so far.  

These crackers are super delish.  The recipe is from Pinterest but here is the link in case any of you feel inclined to make them.  I highly recommend a go at them.  I made mine with spelt flour.

NZ summers wouldn't be complete without a paddling pool and a BBQ.

Going for a spin on the BMX.


A new trackie design that I came up with over the break.  I really like these and intend to draft up the pattern as a PDF in multiple sizes.  Learning a new computer skill is like learning a new language for me.  So that will be a while yet I think...

The trackies in a different colour.

The boy and his birthday rat.  He named it Fromage.  I got the idea from Helen who made an amazing greyhound for her boy's birthday gift before Christmas.  

Blueberry picking.  That wee person managed to subtly help herself to a rather large number of blueberries during the picking process.  I found out just how many the morning after...

I made bow ties.  I love making bow ties.  

And we spent a good amount of time at the beach throughout the holidays.  My boys haven't managed to get me in the water yet... but we still have one week left.  

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